Spring Harp Days

International Festival "Spring Harp Days" in Szeged

April 2 - May 11 2014

About SHD

Spring Harp Days were founded in 2007 by Natalia Gorbunova, solo harpist of Szeged Symphony Orchestra. This festival takes place in Szeged, a city on the South of Hungary famous for its universities and intensive cultural life. This initiative quickly met its public in Szeged, famous for its high cultural and musical activity thanks to vast number of festivals, exhibitions and the summer Open-Air Festival. 

The masterclasses and concerts of world-famous harpists are providing interesting and exciting way of education and entertainment and are open to harpists of all nationalities and any age. Since 2007 more than 100 Hungarian and international students and professional harpists participated in masterclasses and concerts given by Elinor Bennett (Wales), Isabelle Perrin (France), Letizia Belmondo (Italy), Marielle Nordmann (France) and Manja Smits (The Netherlands).  


Our Goals

  • Bring harp music to a wider audience
  • Enrich the local cultural and musical life
  • Foster friendship and understanding among harpists worldwide
  • Promote the harp as a concert and solo instrument and to introduce the harp repertoire to a broader public

Spring Harp Days in Szeged, Hungary, E-mail: geoharp@vnet.hu Phone: 003662435683

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